Registered in 2015 as a charitable trust, Artreach works to bring art and artists into the lives and homes of marginalized children and communities in and around Delhi. By enabling opportunities and access to the arts, Artreach aims to provide tools for empowerment to children through creativity.

We work with contemporary and traditional Indian and international artists and partner with NGOs, schools, foundations and museums to provide short and long term engagement with the arts. Our volunteer artist program results in murals painted by the children in their homes; our pioneering Khel Mel programme brings together children from several economic backgrounds to address social barriers in an atmosphere of creative learning. We support long term community projects and interventions, usually in the difficult conditions like homeless shelters, using artists as facilitators and art for fostering community enhancement.

We believe that the arts are for everyone and essential to weaving the fabric of strong communities. Learning in the arts cultivates the agency and the voice required to participate in a democratic society, where everyone has the right to be heard and contribute to the culture.  The arts excite, challenge and engage students cognitively, socially, and emotionally; the acts of imagination and expression at their heart distinguishing them from other subjects.

Please visit the Artreach website for new projects and opportunities.

And please get in touch with us at artreach.india@gmail.com if you’d like to work on something new!


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