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Sanskriti Workshops, November 2014

Workshops at Sanskriti were conducted with Australian teaching artists Fullarton and Free, designers of the amazing Botanics app. They worked with art educators Ruchin Soni, Nidhi Khurana and Neelam Saighal, and children from Jamghat and Udayan Care homes.


Adarshila and Yuva Ekta, November 2014

To celebrate children’s day artists Svabhu Kohli and Viplov Singh, supported by Yuva Ekta Foundation volunteers, worked with a group of boys (aged 16 – 18) from this remand home to paint their outdoor space.  They only had a morning and had to work fast. The fantastical designs came straight from the boys’ imaginations.

Urdu Park shelter phase 1, February 2014

CES (Centre for Equity Studies) runs a shelter for destitute women and children near the Jama Masjid. The women earn from rag picking and begging, the children mostly pick rags. There are many homeless people in the area and their lives are unimaginably hard.  Ita Mehrotra and Jane Kitching led the Artreach team, ably assisted by Rebecca Flitcroft and Sanket Jadia. The children and the women were super enthusiastic. They would love us to come back and paint more, both inside and outside.