Welcome to the Artreach Archive!

Our first project was with the children of the New Delhi railway station who come every day to a Salaam Baalak Trust ‘contact point’ for food, medical attention and basic schooling.  We wanted to help give their space a face lift and to ‘engage their imaginations’.

With Alexis Halliwell at the helm we embarked on ten days of exuberant creative activity.  Children’s tired faces would light up with delight as they walked in to the centre, clocked what was happening and entered the fray with paint brush or roller.  Sometimes they just couldn’t stop and the paint overflowed, on to the cooler or the ceiling, on to each other.  Anyone was welcome to join in: teachers and social workers, passing police men.  The final outcome was a rather magnificent tiger and a jungle of other animals.

“They come up the stairs, so scared in their hearts as they see the police station, then their fear disappears as they see the paintings… They think “This is a place that will do something for children”” said social worker Makaan Singh of the new boys brought to the contact point.

We realized it was a good model and we have done it again and again with different artists, different children. All our old projects are archived here. Please visit the Artreach website for new projects and opportunities.

And please get in touch with us at artreach.india@gmail.com if you’d like to work on something new!


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