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Niqita and Komal Gupta at Udayan Care, April 2016

From Mumbai, Niqita Gupta is a visual anthropologist and photographer and Komal Gupta is a visual merchandiser and designer. In April they spent a colourful weekend at the Udayan Care girls home in Ghaziabad. The resulting mural was of a dynamic underwater scene.

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Nilanjana Nandy at Tara Girls, March 2016

Nilanjana Nandy is an artist and educator. Over two weekends in March she painted with the girls at Tara. They began by making self portraits, proceeded onto full body portraits and finally a lively and joyful mural.






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Cassie Pupovac at Udaan girls’ home. October 2014 – May 2015

Cassie Pupovac, a teaching artist from the American Embassy School in Delhi, visited the girls of this Salaam Baalak home a number of times over several months from October 2014 to May 2015. Gradually they worked towards creating a mural for their recreation space.

From the girls’ drawings Cassie sketched out a plan for the mural. As the wall was red brick we first had to prime an area and this took one session. The next three Sundays we came and the girls brought to life a  sunny, fun and flowery landscape scene. Some of them were as young as six and they all did a marvellous job.

Sanskriti Workshops, November 2014

Workshops at Sanskriti were conducted with Australian teaching artists Fullarton and Free, designers of the amazing Botanics app. They worked with art educators Ruchin Soni, Nidhi Khurana and Neelam Saighal, and children from Jamghat and Udayan Care homes.