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Artists Anarya Dodes and Vidhi Sharma, recent graduates from Ambedkar University painted 2 hopscotches and 1 mural with 17 wildly enthusiastic 6-7 year olds at the MCD School, PTS Colony, Malviya Nagar (run by NGO Vidya, http://vidya-india.org/). A huge thank you to the artists, students and the teachers of the school in making this a memorable event.

We thank all the members of Artreach for conducting 3 days workshop for students of PTS centre. Students are very happy to play hopscotch early morning and during break time. Younger children learn counting written on the poles. The wall outside 2nd class looks colourful. Children are eager to paint remaining walls as well. One of the child from 2nd class (Radhika) said ‘Mam,Majja aa gya’ (Mam, it was fun). Teachers also enjoyed, giving it a finishing touch. We are looking forward to have many such activities in the school in future.

Gaytri Kapani, Project Coordinator PTS Vidya School

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Niqita and Komal Gupta at Udayan Care, April 2016

From Mumbai, Niqita Gupta is a visual anthropologist and photographer and Komal Gupta is a visual merchandiser and designer. In April they spent a colourful weekend at the Udayan Care girls home in Ghaziabad. The resulting mural was of a dynamic underwater scene.

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Contact Point II, March 2013

More than two years on the original magnificent jungle was looking rather shabby.   Pramod, the contact point’s indomitable manager invited us to come back.  (Children who live on the railway platform come to the contact point for medical care, food and counselling, to be in safe space among sympathetic adults.) Lettie Blackett, nobly working on her second Artreach mural, and Tyga Helme helped the boys to paint a map of the world; a huge tree with hand prints as leaves; an underwater scene and the “Salaam Baalak Trust family”.
CanAssist funded the preparation of the walls and all our materials.

Apna Ghar, November 2012

Apna Ghar (“Our own Home”) is a home for boys run by Salaam Baalak Trust in Paharganj.   Lettie Blackett helped the boys to paint a mural illustrating the journey from countryside to city which many of them travel in search of a better life.  Mountains and rural villages on one wall give way to jungle and on the next, the city of Delhi on the third and a giant India Gate complete with soaring kites on the fourth.
The project was funded by Bain India.

Karm Marg, January 2012

Siobhan Lennon, Konrad Gabriel and Emma Seach, artists from the Royal Drawing School in London, spent a week and more painting with the children of Karm Marg.  Together they covered the walls of Karm Marg’s giant atrium with a rose and a mango tree, a sunset and a meadow  and lots of animals – including all six of the home’s pet dogs.
One particularly talented artist emerged from this project: Deepak.  Thanks to the intervention of Konrad + co Deepak is now studying art at the International Institute of Fine Arts, in Modinagar. According to his teachers he is one of the most talented students.
The Royal Drawing School funded this project.

Rose Home, April 2011

Rose is a home for 25 girls run by Salaam Baalak Trust in Dwarka.  Led by Alexis Halliwell and supported by many volunteers – including her parents visiting from England – the girls decorated their four floors with rose trees and roses, as well as elephants, peacocks and butterflies, and a frieze of “Charlie and Lola” inspired self-portraits in the younger girls’ dormitory.
Materials were funded by Lady Arabella Stagg, the wife of the British High Commissioner at the time.